Tube I.D. φ32, 40 (mm). Conformance to ISO-6431 & VDMA-24562 specification. Unified design, most parts of each type are interchangeable among each other.
  • Hexagonal rod design & Non lubrication
    Cylinder with hexagonal rod design enables non-rotation of rod. Special housing and bushing enables self lubrication of piston rod.
  • High quality long service life
    Hard anodised aluminium cylinder tubes offer a high resistance to corrosion and low internal friction.
  • ISO-VDMA standard specification
    Conforms to ISO-6431 and VDMA  24562 specification enabling worldwide interchangeability.
  • Easy to insert reed switch
    With four grooves on the tube, proximity and reed sensors can be easily inserted into any position.
Tube I.D. (mm) 32, 40
Medium Air
Operating pressure range 0.05~1 MPa
Proof pressure 1.5 MPa
Ambient temperature -5℃~+60℃ (no freezing)
Available speed range 50~500 mm/sec
Sensor switch RCI

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RCI Sensor switch
Assembling style: MCQI2, MCBQI2, MCJI, MCGI, MGTX, METB, MGTU, Model, RCI-Voltage range:5~240V DC/AC, RCI-N/RCI-P/RNI/RPI-Voltage range:10~30V DC.
MFC Floating joint
Cyl. dia. φ 6~160(mm),The minor error connects between two shafts can be removed. The machining accuracy can be neglected.
PHS Female rod ends
Wide range available. Grease nipple as standard.