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1. Die Casting
We strictly control over all process to maintain its quality from mold design to robotic grinding and deburring.
2. Machining
There are more than 300 CNC machines in house and they produce more than 100,000 different types of parts currently.
3. Plastic Injection
We apply the automation system and high precision measuring tools and AOI are equipped to have dimensions controlled.
4.Surface Coating
Including product surface treatment, electric static coating, hard anodized process, sand blasting and grinding process.
5. Grinding
We grind linear guideway, sliding block, pull rod...etc.
6. Product Assembling
We applied automated machines for mass production and increase the elasticity of production.
7. Quality Control
We adopt high precision measure equipment to ensure the size of received product is consist with our catalog.
8. 100% Inspection
We guarantee 100% inspection for every single piece of product.
9. Automated Warehouse
● Plant size : 6,600m².
● 84,240 stock unit.
● 99.9% accuracy rate.