Tube I.D. φ 50, 63, 80 (mm), Operating pressure range:0.2~1 MPa, Proof pressure:1.5 MPa, Ambient temperature:-5~+60℃ (No freezing).
Tube I.D. 50, 63, 80 mm
Stroke  30, 40 mm
Medium Air
Operating pressure range 0.2~1 MPa
Proof pressure 1.5 MPa
Ambient temperature -5~+60℃ (No freezing)
Lubrication Lubrication Not required
Cushion External stopper: Adjustable
Internal cylinder: NBR cushion pad
Sensor switch RDF (V)
Weight 1930g, 3410g, 6340g

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RDF Sensor switch
RDF -Voltage range : 10~28V DC, RDFE /  RNFE /  RPFE / -Voltage range : 5~30V DC, RNF /  RPF -Voltage range: 4.5~28V DC, Assembling style: MCFB, MCMJP, MCHJ, MCHS, MCHT.
UM PU tube

Available color :Transparent(T), Black(B), Blue(BU), Transparent blue(CB), Orange(O), Green(G), Yellow(Y), Red(R), Operating pressure range:116 psi (0.8MPa)(65%RH at 20℃),Ambient temperature:-5~140℉(-15~60℃)(No freezing)

UML PU Tube-coiling tube
Medium:Air,Operating pressure range:Operating 0~100 psi (0~0.7 MPa), Ambient temperature:-5~140℉(-15~60℃) (No freezing).