Port size: 1/4, 3/8, Medium: Air, Max. supply pressure: 0.2~1 MPa, Enclosure: Equivalent to IP65.
  • Stepless control of air pressure proportional to an electrical signal.
  • Simplify complex pipeline for controlling different pressure.
  • MAER200 can be assembled with MA**302 series.
  • Achieve high precision pressure control with microcomputer PID.
  • Maximum flow rate 1500 L/min (Set pressure 1.0 MPa, Supply pressure 0.6 MPa).
Pressure range 1K, 5K, 9K
Bore No. 8A, 10A
Port size 1/4, 3/8
Medium Air
Proof pressure 1K: 0.3 MPa
5K, 9K: 1.5 MPa
Ambient temperature +5~+50°C (No condensation)
Min. supply pressure Set pressure+0.1 MPa
Max. supply pressure 1 MPa
Setting pressure range 0.005~0.9 MPa
Power consumption Voltage: DC24V±10%
Current: DC24V: 0.1A or less
Signal input Current type: DC4~20 mA
Voltage type: DC0~5V, DC0~10V
Preset input4 points
Input impedance Current type: ≤ 430Ω
Voltage type: Approx. ≤ 3kΩ
Preset typeApprox. ≤ 100kΩ
Signal output
(Monitor output)
Analog output: Current type DC4~20mA (Load impedance 600Ω or less)
Analog output: Voltage type DC1~5V (Load impedance 500Ω or above)
Switch output: NPN, PNP:  Max. 24V, 160mA
Linearity 1K: Within ±2% (F.S.)
5K, 9K: Within ±1% (F.S.)
Hysteresis Within 1% (F.S.)
Repeatability Within ±1% (F.S.)
Sensitivity Within 0.4% (F.S.)
Temperature characteristics Within ±0.2% (F.S.)/°C
Output pressure display Precision±2% F.S. ±1 digit
Min. unitMPa:0.001, kgf/cm2:0.01, bar:0.01, psi:0.1, kPa:1
Enclosure Equivalent to IP65
Weight Main: 360 g; Bracket: Approx. 86g(B1) , 80g(B2); Cable connector: Approx. 55g(1m) , 130g(3m)