The body is 8mm wide, No. of port: 2, 3 direct-acting solenoid valve, no oil, 8g weight, response time < 1ms (KK type), product life: 500 million switching cycles.
  • Response time < 1ms 
  • Product life: 500 million switching cycles
  • Ultra response frequency: 500Hz.
Body width 8 mm
No. of port 2, 3
No. of position 2
Medium Dry air, inert gas
Operating pressure range 0~1.2 MPa, 0~0.8 MPa
Flow rate (Nl/min) 25 ±10%, 28 ±10%
Response time ON : 0.7~2.0 ±1 ms
OFF: 0.5~1.0 ±1 ms
Operating fluid temp. –10~+50°C
Ambient temperature –10~+50°C
Storage temperature –10~+50°C
Voltage Speed-up: DC24V, Hold: DC5V 
Power consumption 0.8 W, 0.5 W (Hold), 1.2W
Filter element 40 μm
Lubrication No required
Max. operating frequency 500 Hz (at 250Hz with driver board), 200Hz
IP protection class IP52
Weight 8 g
UM PU tube

Available color :Transparent(T), Black(B), Blue(BU), Transparent blue(CB), Orange(O), Green(G), Yellow(Y), Red(R), Operating pressure range:116 psi (0.8MPa)(65%RH at 20℃),Ambient temperature:-5~140℉(-15~60℃)(No freezing)

UML PU Tube-coiling tube
Medium:Air,Operating pressure range:Operating 0~100 psi (0~0.7 MPa), Ambient temperature:-5~140℉(-15~60℃) (No freezing).