Body width: 22 mm, Port size: 1/8, 1/4, Operating pressure range: 0.2~0.8 MPa, Proof pressure: 1 MPa, Flow: 871~980 l/min.
  • DISK seal and U-packing (HNBR)
    High wear resistance, wide working temperature, excellent sealability, lifetime 50 million cycles.
  • Low power output PLC
    Can drive solenoid valve directly. 
  • Bridge rectifier design
    Converting AC voltage to DC, it can eliminate operating noise.
  • Low power consumption
    DC power 0.95W, It can save over 70% power consumption compared with other brand (3W).
  • Low current consumption
    It can extend lifetime of driver (PLC、Relay…).
Body width 22 mm
Bore No. 6A, 8A
Port size 1/8, 1/4
No. of port 5
No. of position 2, 3
Medium Air
Operating pressure range 0.2~0.8 MPa, 0.3~0.8 MPa (5/3)
Proof pressure 1 MPa
Flow 871 l/min, 980 l/min (5/3)
Effective orifice 18mm2, 16 mm2 (5/3)
Response time Standard: AC < 40ms, DC < 30ms, AC<50ms, DC<40ms
Quick response: AC < 37ms, DC < 26ms
Ambient temperature -5~+50°C (No freezing)
Voltage AC110V, AC220V (50/60)Hz, DC6/12/24V
Power consumption AC=1.12VA , DC=0.95W
Available voltage range ±10%
Insulation class F class
Weight 86g, 130g, 108g, 152g, 198g

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