Port size: 1/8, No. of port / position: 5 / 2, 5 / 3, Operating perssure range: 0.15~0.8 MPa~0.2~0.7 MPa, Proof pressure: 1 MPa.
Bore No. 6A
Port size 1/8
No. of port / position 5/2, 5/3
Medium Air
Operating perssure range 0.15~0.8 MPa, 0.2~0.7 MPa
Proof pressure 1 MPa
Effective orifice 12 mm2, 9 mm2
Response time-Standard AC<35ms, DC<25ms, AC<45ms, DC<30ms
Response time-Quick response AC<31ms, DC<20ms, AC<41ms, DC<25ms
Power consumption-Standard AC=1.12VA, DC=0.95W
Power consumption-Quick response AC=2.5VA, DC=2.5W
Ambient temperature -5~+50°C (No freezing)
Voltage AC110V, 220V (50/60)Hz, DC24/12V
Available voltage range ±10%
Insulation class F class
Weight 94g~143g
Remark * For quick response type, it cannot be energized for more than 30 minutes.