Shock Absorbers Order Code

Tube I.D. φ 12, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40 mm. Adjustable rotation range (0°~190°). Dual piston design with rack and pinion structure. Built-in center hole and locating hole for postioning.
  • Built-in center hole and locating hole for postioning.
  • Adjustable rotation range.(0°~190°)
  • Dual piston design with rack and pinion structure.
  • Hollow middle rod for easy piping and wiring.
  • Selectable shock absorber for higher allowable kinetic energy.
  • Easy to install working plane.
Acting type Double acting
Tube I.D. (mm) φ12, φ16, φ20, φ25, φ32, φ40
Port size φ12, 15: M5×0.8, φ20~φ40: Rc1/8
Medium Air
Operating pressure range adjusting bolt: 0.1~1 MPa, shock absorber: 0.1~0.6 MPa (※1)
Ambient temperature 0~+60℃
Cushion adjusting bolt: φ12~40(Rubber bumper)
shock absorber: φ16~40 (Shock absorber)
Angle adjustment range 0° to 190°(max.)(※3)
Sensor switch RDFE(V): Without contact, RNF(V): NPN, RPF(V): PNP
Weight 0.25~7.72 kg
Remark ※1. The maximum operating pressure of the actuator is restricted by the maximum allowable thrust of the shock absorber.
※2. No-load conditions.
※3. Be careful if the rotation angle of a type with internal shock absorber is set below the value in the table below,
      the piston stroke will be smaller than the shock absorber’s effective stroke, resulting in decreased energy absorption ability.

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RDFE Sensor switch
Wiring method: 2 wire, 3 wire, Operating voltage: 5~30V DC, Assembling style: MCFB, MCMJP, MCGS.