Wiring method: 2 wire, 3 wire, Operating voltage: 5~30V DC, Assembling style: MCFB, MCMJP, MCGS.
Wiring method 2 wire, 3 wire
Switching logic Solid state output, Normally open
Switch type Non-contact, NPN current sinking, PNP current sourcing
Contact rating 1.5W, 2.2W (max.) (※1)
Operating voltage 5~30V DC
Switching current 50mA, 80mA (max.)
Current consumption 10mA, 6mA @24V DC (max.)
Voltage drop 3.5V, 0.5V @ 50mA (max.)
Leakage current 0.1mA(40uA), 0.01mA (max.)
Indicator Red LED
Cable 2.6φ, 2C, PVC, 2.6φ, 3C, PVC
Operating Frequency 1000 Hz
Temperature range -10~+70℃ (No freezing)
Shock 50G (※2)
Vibration 9G (※3)
Enclosure classification IEC 60529   IP67
Protection circuit 3,4 (※4)
Weight 12.8 g (1m cable) / 23.8 g (2m cable)
Remark ※1. Warning: Never exceed rating (watt=voltage×amperage). Permanent damage to sensor will occur.
※2. Sin wave / X.Y.Z. 3 directions / 3 times each direction / 11ms each time.
※3. Double amplitude 1.5mm / 10Hz~55Hz~10Hz(Sweep 1min) /X.Y.Z. 3 directions / 1 hour each time.
※4. 1=None / 2=Short-circuit / 3=Power source reverse polarity / 4=Surge suppression.

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