High precision in measurement and control. Rated pressure range: 0.1~0.8 MPa, Max. operating differential pressure: 0.4 MPa, Proof pressure: 1.5 MPa.
  • High precision in measurement and control
    Manufactured using proprietary calorimetry and diffusivity sensing technologies.
  • Communication protocol
    RS485 Modbus RTU
  • Applicable Industries
    Semiconductor, Laser welding, IoT
Flow rate range 0~50, 0~100, 0~200 Ln/min
Fluid Air, N2, O2, Ar
Accuracy ±1.5% R.D. ( 20 ~ 100% of full scale)      ±0.3% F.S. ( < 20% of full scale)
Repeatability ±0.5% R.D. ( 20 ~ 100% of full scale)      ±0.1% F.S. ( < 20% of full scale)
Repeatability 100:1
Max. control range 120%F.S.
Rated pressure range 0.1~0.8 MPa
Max. operating differential pressure 0.4 MPa
Proof pressure 1.5 MPa
Settling time 100 ms
Max pressure loss 80 kPa (100L/min models)
Power supply 24V DC,1A
Control valve Nomal closed (N.C.)
Electrical connector DB9
Port size 3/8、1/2
Analog Voltage 0~5V or Current 4~20mA
Max null shift (analog) ±30 mVdc
Digital (※) RS485 Modbus
Environment Protection: IP40
Working temperature: 0~55°C (No freezing)
Humidity: <95%RH (No condensation)
Storage temperature: -20~70°C (No freezing)
Reference conditions: Air(0°C,101.325 kPa)
Certification: CE(EN61000-2;-3;-4) 、RoHS、REACH
Remark ※ For the other digital interface, please contact the manufacturer.

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