Tube I.D: 50, 63, Medium: Filter air, Sensor switch: RNKD, Oval piston design for space saving.
  • Oval piston design for space saving.
  • Clamping arm angle is adjustable via adjusting bolt with ease.
  • 12 types of clamping arm for various usage.
  • 15° mininum release angle for lowering clamping time.
  • Welding slag and magnetic field proof sensor available.
  • Cylinder remains clamping position with self-locking mechanism even if there is no air input.
Acting type Double acting
Tube I.D. (mm) 50, 63
Port size 50: Rc1/8
63: Rc1/4
Release angle range 15°,30°,45°,60°,75°,90°,105°,120°,135°
Medium Filter air
Operating perssure range 0.3~0.8 MPa
Proof pressure 1.2 MPa
Ambient temperature -10℃~+60℃ (No freezing)
Cushion Cushion pad
Min. operating time At least 1.0 second to clamp and uncalmp
Sensor switch RNKD
Weight Cylinder: 2800 g, 3400 g
Arm: 15 type: 1050 g, 15 type: 1250 g
         45 type: 1150 g, 45 type: 1400 g

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RNKD Sensor switch
Model: RNKD / RPKD, Voltage: 10~30V DC, Current consumption: 15mA max.