Size : 25, 32, 40,  Lead: 50, 72 mm/rev, Sensor switch: EE-SX672 (NPN)。
Position repeatability (mm/rev) ±0.05
Lead (mm/rev) 25: 50
32: 72
40: 72
Belt pitch (mm) 25: 2
32: 3
40: 3
Stroke (mm) 25: 100~1000/50 pitch
32: 100~2000/50 pitch
40: 100~2000/50 pitch
No-load torque (N.m) 25: 0.1
32: 0.2
40: 0.6
Sensor switch RLT
Power output / size 25: AC servo: 100W, Step: □35
32: AC servo: 200W, Step: □42
40: AC servo: 400W, Step: □56
Max. speed (mm/s) *1 25: AC servo: 1500, Step: 500
32: AC servo: 2400, Step: 720
40: AC servo: 2400, Step: 720
Work load *2,3 25 Horizontal: AC servo: 8kg, Step: 2kg
32 Horizontal: AC servo: 15kg, Step: 6kg
40 Horizontal: AC servo: 25kg, Step: 16kg
Remark *1. Acceleration and deceleration value is set 0.5 second.
*2. The operating speed under work load is less than maximum speed.
*3. Not available for vertical condition.

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RLT Slot-Type Photomicrosensor
Assembling style: METFB, METS2, MESH2, MESS2. Sensing distance: 6 mm, Differential distance: 0.025 mm max. Supply voltage: 8~24 VDC ± 10%, ripple (p-p): 10% max. Current consumption: 20 mA max.
MECP Electric Product Driver
Input voltage: DC 24V ±10%, Provide single/double pulse control, Can amplify the current to improve motor performance.
MECQ1 Electric Cylinder Controller
Input voltage: DC 24V ±10%, Provide I/O control, Provide 485 communication control.
CK10 Electric Cylinder Controller
Support RS-485 communication (Modbus RTU), Support single / double pulse control, Support Position Table motion control function.
CM20 Electric Cylinder Controller
Support RS-485 communication (Modbus RTU), Support single / double pulse control, Programmable motion control function.