The principle of these prehenseurs is based on the exploitation of the Bernouilli effect. A positive pressure is applied through form adequate (Insert + curve). The exhaust of this air goes trough of low pressure and gets a vacuum aspiring any kind of object.
Port size 20, 30, 40, 60
Size M3, M5
Medium Dry air filter 40 u
Operating pressure range 0.2~0.7 MPa
Consumption in air (※) 100~210 1/min
Lifting force (※) 0.9~6 N
Ambient temperature +5~+60 ℃
Level of noise 25dB
Material Aluminum A5056 and stainless steel
Weight 10~124 g
Remark (※): Indicative value for sizes 20 and 30: Pressure of 0,5 MPa with an air supply by tube φ2,5x4 length:1m. for sizes 40 and 60: Pressure of 0,5 MPa with an air supply by tubeφ4x6 length:1m.

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