Assembling style: MCJQ2, MCGA, MCGJ, MSB* .
Wiring method 2 wire (RCB,RDB), 3 wire (RNB,RNBE,RPB,RPBE)
Switching logic SPST normally open (RCB), Solid state output,normally open (RDB,RNB,RNBE,RPB,RPBE)
Switch type Reed switch (RCB), Without contact (RCB), NPN current sinking (RNB,RNBE),PNP current sinking (RPB,RPBE) 
Operating voltage 5~240V DC/AC (RCB), 5~30V DC (RDB,RNB,RNBE,RPB,RPBE)
Switching current 100mA max. (RCB), 50mA max. (RDB), 200mA max. (RNB,RNBE,RPB,RPBE)
Switch range 10W max. (RCB), 1.5W max. (RDB), 6W max.(RNB,RNBE,RPB,RPBE) (※1)
Current consumption 22mA@24V DC max. (RNB), 6mA@24V DC max. (RNBE,RPBE), 20mA@24V DC max. (RPB)
Voltage drop 3.5V max. (RCB), 3.7V max. (RDB), 0.5V max. (RNB,RNBE,RPB,RPBE)
Leakage current 0.1mA max. (RDB), 0.01mA max. (RNB,RNBE,RPB,RPBE)
Indicator Red LED (RNB,RNBE), Green LED (RCB,RDB,RPB,RPBE)
Cable φ3.3,2C,PVC (RCB,RDB); φ3.3,3C,PVC (RNB,RNBE,RPB,RPBE)
Temperature -10~+70℃ (No freezing)
Shock 30G(RCB), 50G(RDB,RNB,RNBE,RPB,RPBE) (※2)
Vibration 9G (※3)
Enclosure classification IEC 60529 IP67
Protection circuit 1 (RCB), 3, 4 (RDB, RNB, RNBE, RPB, RPBE) (※4)
Weight 33 g (2m cable)
Remark ※1. Warning: Never exceed rating (watt=voltage×amperage). Permanent damage to sensor will occur. 
※2. Sin wave / X.Y.Z. 3 directions / 3 times each direction / 11ms each time. 
※3. Double amplitude 1.5mm / 10Hz~55Hz~10Hz(Sweep 1min) / X.Y.Z. 3 directions / 1 hour each time. 
※4. 1=None / 2=Short-circuit / 3=Power source reverse polarity / 4=Surge suppression.

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M83.M84.M88 Cable with connector
M83: M8, 3PIN / M84: M8, 4PIN / M88: M8, 8PIN, R: Straight cable socket
 / RL: Angle cable socket, Cable Material: PVC / PUR.