MVSC series  
  MVSD series  
  MVSE series  
  MVSF series  
  MVSG series  
  MVSI series  
  MVSN series  
  MVSP series  
  MVSY series  
  MVSZ series  
  MVDC series  
  MVDY series  
  Multi connector system  
  2/2 way piston series  
  2/2 way diaphragm series  
  2/2 way plunger series  
  3/2 way plunger series  
  Pilot valve  
  Mechanical valve  
  ACT Mechanical valve  
  EPA Mechanical valve  
  Hand valve  
  Shutoff valve  
  Foot pedal valve  
  Auto drainer  
  Auto drain valves  
  Pressure reducing valves  
  Hand-held regulator  
  Precision regulator  
  Air/Mist/Micromist filter  
  Soft start-up valve  
  Filter for turbine type  
  High efficiency compressed air filter  
  Digital condenstion removal timer  
  Pneumatic pressure switch  
  Pressure gauge  
  M2E series  
  MHD series  
  Standard cylinders  
  Air/oil converter  
  ISO-VDMA Standard cylinders  
  End lock cylinders  
  ISO-VDMA Standard profile cylinders  
  Rod locking cylinders  
  Locking unit  
  Compact cylinders  
  Plate cylinders  
  Multi-mount cylinders  
  Miniature cylinders  
  Pen cylinders  
  Mini cylinders with no-rotation  
  Rod locking cylinders  
  Round cylinders  
  Twin-guide cylinder  
  Triple-guide cylinder  
  Dual-rod cylinder  
  Slide cylinders  
  Compact slide  
  Slide rail set  
  Slide table  
  Rotary actuator  
  Mini-Rotary actuator  
  Clamp cylinder  
  Pneumatic-swing clamp cylinders  
  Parallel gripper  
  Three jaw gripper  
  Four jaw gripper  
  180° angular gripper  
  Rotary gripper  
  MCRPL* series  
  MCRPM series  
  Belt driven units  
  Electric actuator  
  Electric gripper  
  MSB* series  
  MSAR series  
  MSL* series  
  Exhaust cleaner  
  Silencer throttle valve  
  Check vavle  
  Flow control valve  
  Quick exhaust valve  
  Shuttle valve  
  PU Tube  
  Air press  
  Jet cooler  
  Vacuum generator  
  No contact transfert  
  Floating joint  
  Female rod ends  
  Sensor switch  
  Circular connector  
  Shock absorbers  
  Hydraulic speed controllers  
  Pilot check valves  
  Hydraulic cylinder  
  Compact hydraulic cylinder  
  Round hydraulic cylinder  
  Hydraulic rotary actuators  
  Hydraulic lever-type cylinders  
  Hydraulic swing clamp cylinders  
  High oil pressure Swing clamping Cylinder  
  Threaded-body Cylinder  
  Hydraulic Work Support  
  Distributed control system  
  Remote modules  
  Industrial communication  
  Radio remote modules  
  Text panel  
2D / 3D
    Compact cylinders MCJA
Tube I.D. φ20~100(mm). Ultra Compact, light weight and space saving cylinder. Single and double acting available.
    Solenoid valve MVB-100
 25 Pin D-sub connector (cable length 3m).
 Simple electric wire system.
    Mini cylinders MCKMI
Tube I.D. φ20, 25 (mm). ISO-6432 standard. Cylinder with hexagonal rod design enables non-rotation of rod. Designs of oil-filled alloy. Stainless cylinder tubes resist corrosion and abrasion
    Solenoid valve MVSP-156
Body width: 15 mm, Port size: Rc1/8, Operating pressure range:0.15~0.7 MPa,
Proof pressure: 1 MPa, Flow: 408~795 Nl/min
    Solenoid valve MVSP-188
Body width: 18 mm, Port size: Rc1/4, Operating pressure range:0.15~0.7 MPa,
Proof pressure: 1 MPa, Flow: 599~1470 Nl/min
    Air units MAVS
Start-up valve for low speed air supply to gradually raise initial pressure in an air system and for quick exhaust by cutting off air supply.
Combination with modular type air units (F.R.L. unit). Port size: 3/8, 1/2
    Pressure switch MP50
IP65 enclosure.2-Color digital LCD display.Copy function.Programmable pressure unit: KPa, MPa, kgf/cm2,bar, psi, InHg. Sensor parts & fitting parts: Stainless steel 316L. Corrosive fluid or gas available.
    Compact cylinders MCJU
Tube I.D. φ25,32,40,50,63mm(mm), Plate type design for ultra compact, Oval piston design for non-rotation and space saving.
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