Acting type: Double acting, Tube I.D.: φ25, 32 (mm), Proof pressure: 1.5 MPa, Available speed range: 50~3000 mm/sec.
  • The diameter of the port orifice has been enlarged to support high speed operation. max speed: 3000mm/sec.
  • Longer cushion rod to absorb more exercise energy and reduce external cushioning settings.
  • The cylinder with relief valve provides better cushioning performance than the general purpose cylinder with needle valve. 
  • The relief valve body can rotate 360 degrees freely, which is convenient for adjustment and use.
  • Magnetic as standard.
Acting type Double acting
Tube I.D. (mm) 25, 32
Port size Rc1/3, Rc3/8
Medium Air
Max. operating perssure 1 MPa
Min. operating perssure 0.05 MPa
Proof pressure 1.5 MPa
Lubrication Not required
Ambient temperature -5℃~+60℃ (No freezing)
Available speed range 50~3000 mm/sec
Cushion Air cushion
Max energy absorption 12, 21 J
Standard Stroke (*1,2,3) 250~1000 mm
Max. stroke 1500 mm
Effective cushioning stroke 80 mm
Sensor switch RCM
Sensor switch band BMG25, BMG32
Remark *1. Minimum stroke unit 1mm.
*2. Outside the guaranteed range when the stroke
      exceeds standard  stroke, Please reconfirm the dimension
      with our sales department when the stroke over our standard.

*3. This product has a large absorption energy and a
      longer effective buffer range.  Therefore, when the stroke
      below 250mm is used at high speed, the cushioning
       performance may not meet the catalog standard.
RCM Sensor switch
RCM-Voltage range:5~240V DC/AC, RDM-Voltage range:10~30V DC, RNM / RPM-Voltage range:5~28V DC. RNME / RPME-Voltage range:5~30V DC. Assembling style : MCMA, MCMB, MCKMB, MCMBL, MCMI, MCBMI, MCMJ, MCCG, MCCN.