Fluid medium: Air, water.
Max. operating pressure: 0.8 MPa

Fluid medium Air, water (condition)
Max. operating pressure (65%RH at 20ºC) 0.8 MPa
Max. vacuum -100 kpa
Operating temp. rang -15~60℃(no freezing)
Tube color 10 color (color sample)
TB Tube binder
Tubes can be bundled easily and tidily by simply tucking multiple tubes into Tube Binder.
TC Tube cutter
WR Insert ring
Insert Ring, inserted in a tube, prevents the tube from contracting.
TCN-15 Tube cut nipper
Tube Shears is capable of smoothly cutting tubing (urethane, nylon, polyolefin, Fluororesin) for pneumatic piping. It comes with a tube guide.
TSC Tube stripper cutter
Peeling only the flame retardant cover of PISCO antispatter tube (FB tube) like sharpening a pencil.