Tube I.D. φ20, 32, 40, 50, 63, 80 (mm). Strong cylinder suitable for heavy load,for stopping work carriers of various sizes at a fixed position, and for stacking many work carriers, etc.
  • MCGA-03 / 13 / 53  Stop / Lift type
    Strong cylinder capable of high loads, used extensively for stopping work carriers in both the vertical and horizontal position.
    Large diameter guide rods enable cylinder to take high off-set loads.
    Can be used as 90 degree pusher on large conveyor systems.
    Magnetic as standard.

  • MCGA-23 / 63 Push type
    Long stroke type of the anti-turn accuracy, impoved by integrating the guides and cylinder.
    Linear bush bearing type available for high accuracy in the high speed work.
    On the link bar at the top, Many thread holeas for mounting attachments are provided for easy mounting.
    Lift type of long stroke is available by replacing  the link bar with table plate.
    Magnetic as standard.
Acting type Double acting
Tube I.D. (mm) 20, 32, 40, 50, 63, 80
Port size Rc1/8, Rc1/4, Rc3/8
Medium Air
Operating pressure range 0.1~1 MPa
Proof pressure 1.5 MPa
Ambient temperature -5~+60℃ (No freezing)
Lubrication Not required
Available speed range 50~500mm/sec
Cushion With rubber cushion pad
Sensor switch RCB


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RCB Sensor switch
Assembling style: MCJQ2,MCJT,MCGA, MCGJ,MCDA,MCDB,MCRA,MCKB,MSB*,MSLD, RCB-Voltage range : 5~240V DC/AC, RNB-Voltage range : 5~30V DC.